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Software Testing is business critical and has profound impact on the quality of the business outcomes. To stay ahead, enterprises demand expertise in commercial and open source tools with home grown IP that strengthen the ability to augment and accelerate Software Testing services. Agile Software Testing calls for colocated Software testers with deep domain expertise and higher understanding of end user experience.

Today’s software is so complex that having remote, offshore software testing teams to test the product and application is not a viable option. Moreover, offshore services have limitations in aligning testing with the business environments.

Being a niche skill, software testing is the primary change agent that enriches the IT systems and organiza tions to ensure success. Enterprises achieve the right balance by having colocated testing professionals with the experience of addressing software testing requirements across multiple business scenarios and computing environments to go live with assured software quality.

About Gallop

Gallop Solutions is North America's largest Independent Software Testing Services & company operating since 2003 with offices in Philadelphia & California. Our services are backed by Proprietary Testing IP (Enterprise Test Acceleration Suite - ETAS) for enhanced productivity and in-house R&D teams. With over 2300+ consultants globally across various industry domains & 700+ of them based in North America, Gallop is perfectly positioned to assist you on your Quality Assurance initiatives.

Gallop constantly innovates and invests in R&D around software testing and contributes immensely to the software testing community by thought leadership blogs, articles and whitepapers. World's largest and leading organizations have relied on Gallop's specialist independent software testing services for more than a decade and have achieved significant market acceleration, returns on investments in their software quality initiatives.

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