Salesforce Testing

Harness the best practices for effective implementation

How to create a Successful Testing Strategy for Salesforce Implementation

Is your enterprise unable to reap benefits and higher ROI from your Salesforce applications? Are you unable to seamlessly align Salesforce with the various functions within the enterprise? Consider a scenario where the vendor has deployed the CRM tool and has assured benefits like faster deal closures, strong customer relations, and further boost for your Marketing initiatives. However, your end users / teams are unable to map it with their requirements.

One of the main reasons is absence of an effective testing strategy for Salesforce implementation.

This White paper discusses:

  • How CRM enables businesses?
  • Global CRM Market
  • Why is Salesforce widely used worldwide?
  • The Need for, and Types of, Salesforce CRM Testing
  • Top challenges in Salesforce implementation
  • Best Practices for successful Salesforce implementation
  • Role of Enterprise Test Accelerators in Salesforce Testing
  • Effective Test strategy for Salesforce implementation

Additionally, it further emphasises on the ways in which efficiency of Salesforce implementations can be enhanced using Test Accelerators & proprietary testing IP.

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