Quality and Speed both are equally important in today's world for businesses to stay successful. To assure both, leading organizations leverage the increasing synergy between development teams and operations teams through an integrated DevOps model. The adoption of a DevOps culture and the tools and practices that comprise DevOps is being driven by the need for continuous collaboration and delivery.

Some of the key drivers include:

  • The increasing need to develop or deploy cloud-based applications
  • A greater need for simultaneous deployment across different platforms
  • Business pressures to release apps more quickly into production
  • The need for greater collaboration between development and operations teams
  • An increasingly complex IT infrastructure that is part physical, part virtualized, and part cloud

Gallop has helped clients achieve Quality benefits by providing services including:

  • Automated and continuous Quality monitoring
  • Automated provisioning of virtualized test environments
  • Standardized processes, templates, guidelines & checklists for DevOps
  • Integration build, deployment, end-to-end test automation, & reporting
  • Integration of Gallop's DevOps solutions and engineers with clients' DevOps teams


At Gallop, we standardize efforts and ensure accelerated time to market with DevOps Testing. We also focus on delivering improved deployment quality and greater operational efficiency. Gallop’s CI testing experts boast of a rich experience in Continuous Integration testing and can configure and execute popular CI tools such as Agile GO, Cruise Control, Chef, Puppet, Microsoft TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson and so on, helping client’s DevOps teams.

Gallop’s DevOps Test Center of Excellence provides a host of services including:

  • DevOps readiness and maturity assessment: Assess the current state of DevOps adoption, processes, and tools against the DevOps maturity model
  • DevOps in QA implementation: Implement standardized process, frameworks and tools into the DevOps set up
  • Automated test orchestration solutions: Build end-to-end automated solutions for Continuous Testing that work with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools
  • Tool feasibility and recommendations: Identify best fit tools to accelerate software delivery


Continuous testing acts as the key driver for DevOps initiatives to yield desired outcomes. This calls for specialists who understand the nuances of continuous testing through effective end-to-end automation leading to Quality at Speed. Gallop supports the DevOps needs of organizations by providing solutions that enable automated test orchestration and ensure rapid product development and deployment through an integrated model of continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery.

Gallop professionals have an in-depth understanding of the shift-left approach of DevOps, and are ready to help to implement the same in your organization. Incorporating DevOps QA testing helps organizations develop a seamless development and production environment, armed with a continuous feedback made possible through continuous testing. Each stakeholder in all the areas pertaining to development plays a crucial role in our approach towards DevOps QA – be they involved in the stages of production, build, or release.

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The Gallop Assurance

Adopting DevOps in QA needs realignment of efforts to ensure all test cases are automated in a standardized environment to achieve near 100% code coverage. In addition, the pre-testing tasks, clean-ups, post-testing tasks of QA needs to be automated and aligned with the continuous integration cycle. Transition from agile development to agile delivery using DevOps requires a practice focused on collaboration, automation & performance.

To know more about the compelling benefits of DevOps, what leading global analysts are saying about DevOps adoption, and about our DevOps Testing thought leadership, please feel free to continue reading below.

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Gallop's in-depth expertise in the DevOps arena enables clients to:

  • Accelerate the release of applications into production
  • Sustain continuous feedback and improvement across the software lifecycle
  • Reduce time to market through streamlined testing and continuous delivery
  • Improve efficiency and utilization of resources
  • Foster an environment of:
    • Collaborative Development (increased collaboration between teams and cultural shift for better collaboration)
    • Continuous Testing (integration of automated software testing with deployment and operations that improves code quality)
    • Continuous Release and Deployment (for faster time to market and frequency in response to business changes), and
    • Continuous monitoring (that helps improve quality by monitoring performance)


We share our best practices on software testing and quality by means of blogs, white papers, leadership articles, webinars, and Podcasts.

Our Partnerships

Gallop has forged strategic partnerships with multiple tool vendors to give our clients best in class software test automation services ensuring continuous testing. This enables our clients to accelerate release of applications into production and sustain continuous feedback and improvement across the software lifecycle. With the right mix of Commercial and Open Source tools, we bring in the best possible solution to give you a Collaborative development and Continuous testing environment.

Businesses that Rely on Gallop’s DevOps Services

Working with Gallop brings compelling business benefits because of our culture of continuous learning and extensive R&D. Gallop’s DevOps in QA services helps you transform your applications and adopt the best practices. With use of customized Open Source CI/CD tools, we make sure that your developers, testers and production team truly adopt the DevOps practices and work cohesively towards releasing apps faster to market. We have improved the quality, lowered the cost of ownership and optimized the infrastructure for many of our clients by getting the DevOps right.

If you are looking to truly transform your organization with best of DevOps consultants, do drop us a message and we will be glad to assist you.

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Gartner research report on Public cloud, DevOps, and Automation

As per a Gartner's research, Public cloud, DevOps, and Automation are key focus areas for infrastructure and operations leaders who are planning to create next generation infrastructure that can support the challenges of digital business in 2015 and beyond.

This research also showed that DevOps is no longer just an option but is a mandatory approach to be considered by Infrastructure & Operation leaders, especially if they are supporting an organization that's pursuing a digitization agenda.

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What our Clients Say About Us?


Gallop is my premier partner for testing services.  They have quickly put together a large team of qualified engineers and SDET’s while managing the entire testing lifecycle across multiple project streams. I’ve enjoyed the thought leadership, responsive solutions, and easy implementation across our portfolio of products.  I highly recommend them for their managed test services and consultant roles.

- Director of QA, a Leading Medical Services Company