Digital Assurance & Testing

Gallop’s Digital assurance & testing solutions address the multi-faceted needs of digital transformation testing. We assure digital transformations by conducting comprehensive testing across your digital value chain encompassing digital marketing, web portals, web content, digital assets, web analytics, and the entire digital ecosystem – which includes cloud, mobility, big data, and connected devices.

The solution draws on our vast experience in the digital domain and leverages our value adding elements such as reusable test assets and
in-house suite of testing tools and accelerators. With Gallop’s digital assurance solution, you can add customer centricity and agility to your assurance approach for improved customer satisfaction and increased business.

Gallop provides the following digital assurance & testing solutions:

  • Thorough validation of user experience
  • A tool & technology agnostic framework
  • Testlets for effective and efficient testing
  • Cost effective solution leveraging cloud
  • Cross browser/platform frameworks
  • Responsive web design kit and reusable libraries
  • Testing of site integrity & end user experience
  • Validation of security threats and vulnerabilities

Digital Testing Center of Excellence

Gallop's Digital QA service helps organizations in their Digital initiatives. To successfully implement digital transformation, Gallop has developed checklists, frameworks, processes, testlets, methodologies and best practices to ensure effective and efficient validations of text, images and videos of applications across devices. Gallop’s methodologies, techniques, and specialists ensure that the apps are thoroughly validated for User Experience (UX) and cover responsive web design patterns, screen resolutions, accessibility, usability, content, navigation, etc. Gallop also leverages related services including Test automation, Performance Testing, and Security testing to ensure faster time to market for the Digital initiatives.

Digital Assurance & Testing Approach

Gallop's Digital Assurance solutions address the multifaceted needs of digital testing. We strive to do this by conducting comprehensive testing across your digital value chain and the entire digital ecosystem. The solution draws on our vast experience in the digital domain and leverages our value-adding elements such as reusable test assets and in-house suite of testing tools and accelerators. Our Digital Assurance solutions transcend functional validation of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud stack (SMAC) and encompass interoperability, network capability, performance, and security aspects.

Gallop's core digital testing services include:

  • Continuous Testing
  • Omni Channel Testing
  • Customer Experience
  • Cyber Security QA
  • Analytics Validation

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The Gallop Assurance

Digital Assurance and Testing is a challenging arena. You need to check your apps for functional issues, performance issues and compatibility issues as it goes through multiple changes during the software life cycle. Be 100% sure with Gallop. Gallop's global delivery model helps you realize the true benefits of digital testing by using the right set of accelerators, tools, processes, and above all, people. Our offshore, nearshore, and collocated yet distributed models help clients realize the high quality of service and product.

To know more about the compelling benefits of Digital testing, our proprietary Digital Testing IP, and the Digital trends we support with our services, feel free to continue reading below.

Looking for Digital Assurance and Testing Services?

Digital Testing IP

Gallop's Digital Testing IP includes the following:

  • A Unified Web and Mobile Test Automation Framework that is a proven, IP-led, tool agnostic, platform independent testing solution for automating complex business processes with support for industry design patterns such as Keyword, Data, and Hybrid to enable non-technical users to validate business processes in an automated manner. The framework integrates with all the leading commercial and open source test tools such as CI Server Tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis, etc.), Test Management Tools (HP ALM, QTest, Zephyr, QA Complete, TestLink, etc.), and Test Automation Tools (HP UFT, Selenium, Testcomplete, EggPlant, Ranorex, Appium, Cucumber, etc.).
  • A Web Services Test Accelerator that automates the web services testing of SOA-based applications at the interface level and reduces the need to support testing in parallel to the development phase. The accelerator supports both API functional testing and API performance testing of the web service.
  • A Performance Test Accelerator that encompasses the best practices of performance testing and engineering and supports performance testing in cloud base application environment
  • Pre-built Digital Testlets to jump-start digital testing with minimal efforts. Gallop has developed pre-built test cases for most of the standard scenarios.
  • A Compliance Testing Accelerator consisting of test assets adhering to WCAG’s principles and guidelines

Digital Trends Supported by Gallop

Gallop Digital QA team has conducted over 30+ testing projects. Based on their experience, Gallop team has come up with a list of the most popular digital trends that are inclined towards conducting varied testing services:

  • Customer Connect: Convergence of shopping across devices
  • Mobile Commerce: Smartphone shopping
  • Online Sales: Online Sales days with bigger sales
  • Innovative Marketing: Revolutionary marketing through social media
  • Retail Operations: In–store sales with high web influence
  • New Age Ads: Individually tailored, non-intrusive & relevant Ads
  • Delivery Services: Virtually instant delivery

Features and Benefits of Digital Assurance & Testing

Gallop's digital testing experts provide a robust platform to help clients jumpstart their digital testing efforts. A few of our key differentiators are:

Digital Assurance & Testing Thought Leadership

Gallop is a thought leader in the field of digital testing and our teams have successfully implemented digital assurance and testing strategies for many organizations to give their consumers the best possible user experience. Gallop also contributes to developing excellence in mobile testing by sharing experiences using blogs, webinars, white papers, etc.

Our Partnerships & Alliances

Gallop has strong alliance and partnership with various leading digital test service providers and tool vendors. These partnerships help us offer additional value to our clients across verticals.



Businesses who rely on Gallop’s Digital Assurance & Testing Services

Gallop’s digital testing framework has delivered successful results for numerous clients who are looking to realize their goals of better ROI with faster time to market. Here are few of the leading organizations who rely on Gallop’s Digital Testing Experts: