Meet, Greet & Learn from Robert Shaw on Continuous Testing!

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Continuous Testing Using Smaller Feedback Loops by Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw

QA Architect, Frontline Technologies

"Robert spoke on "Continuous Testing Using Smaller Feedback Loops” and the session was well attended. We had 52 people who RSVP’d for the meetup."

About Robert Shaw:

Robert Shaw is a QA Architect at Frontline Technologies with a background in agile testing practices, test automation and performance engineering. Robert has worked in the software industry for the past 22 years with the last 5 years focused on delivery of software within agile teams. He has a passion for helping teams transition from traditional testing practices to adopting lighter weight manual and automated practices that helps support the agile promises.

About Topic: Continuous Testing Using Smaller Feedback Loops

Continuous Delivery is gaining serious momentum as a delivery practice with close to 65% of organizations in some stage of adoption. A large part of successful Continuous Delivery implementations ensure that you have the right levels of validation and testing. Feedback loops approach this by building multiple layers of automation.