Mobile Application Security Testing from Gallop helps you build applications which are hard to crack

Mobile Application Security Testing

Gallop assures security of your mobile applications that are installed on mobile devices by in-depth security testing and we also specialize in reverse engineering and source code reviews of mobile apps. Gallop uses the Mobile OWASP Top 10 as a guideline for testing.

A lot of companies develop their own mobile apps, applications related to transactions like mobile banking to ensure confidentiality and integrity to the user for their data.

Testing is performed on all major platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Mobile.

Gallop’s Mobile Application Security Testing Services

Gallop conducts Security Testing on various types of mobile apps like:

  • Native applications
  • Mobile-Web applications
  • Hybrid applications


  • Indicates any flaws or faults in the app
  • Identifies any unauthorized access to the app occurs or exists
  • Assisting in preventing app downtime to further enhance the user experience & productivity

What Do We Deliver:

Gallop delivers a variety of reports to verify your application security posture and provide actionable intelligence to help you quickly prioritize and remediate any exposures.

  • Mobile Application Vulnerability Report: Explains how your applications can be exploited via weak server side controls, client side injection, insufficient transport layer security, unintended data leakage and other threats, and provides valuable information for code fixes.
  • Infrastructure Findings Report: Provides details about the application infrastructure such as operating systems, framework used, back end database etc. with appropriate recommendations.

Our Partnerships

We are powered by the strong strategic partnerships with leading test tool vendors to deliver strategic value to our customers. Our test professionals have profound expertise in handling various commercial security testing tools as well as open-source security testing tools. In addition to partnership with SOASTA, JarLoad, NeoTys, TestPlant, Ranorex & more, we also are HP Service Provider (SPP) Partners

Businesses who rely on Gallop’s Application Security Testing

Gallop’s unique Application Security Testing Services not just helps you in weeding out risks from your application but also ensures your applications meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Leading businesses of North America rely on our penetration testing services to make their applications threat-proof.

We have worked with leading large and small enterprises and helped them build a safe and secure software for their users. A few of them are listed below.

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The Gallop Assurance

Typical security requirements may include specific elements of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation. Actual security requirements tested depend on the security requirements implemented by the system.

At Gallop, we provide Application Penetration Testing Services to identify vulnerabilities in the security mechanisms of software application & information system architecture.

At Gallop, we work to accelerate your entire software test life cycle with end-to-end testing ownership.