Do not let Infrastructure, Scale and Load hamper your application's performance



Application Performance is Critical

Non-performant enterprise applications not just fail to deliver intended benefits to the enterprise but also cause loss of credibility & reputation. To provide a superior application experience to your users, you need to ensure that applications deployed are able to withstand not just base load but load surges and optimally function with minimal downtime.

Gallop’s Performance Test Accelerator leverages experience gained from our 100+ performance testing engagements across industry domains over a decade and benchmarked best practices to address application performance challenges in terms of infrastructure, distributed user load and the heterogeneous IT ecosystem. It significantly reduces testing effort and time to market. Gallop’s Cloud-enabled Performance Test lab & the accelerator give you the ability to choose type of test (single user test, base load test, stress test, soak or endurance test), decide number of users, leverage data analytics and multiple other parameters to ensure your application works across networks and geographies.

Gallop’s Performance Test Accelerator

Gallop’s Performance test accelerator encompasses the best practices of performance testing and engineering which comes from our experience executing 100s of such projects. Compelling Benefits of Gallop’s Performance Test Accelerator:

  • Increases the reliability of the performance testing by simulating real time web environment
  • Supports performance testing in cloud-based application environment
  • Reduces performance testing costs by 30%
  • Ramps up performance testing activities by three degrees
  • Offers flexible pricing with On-demand licensing

Key Differentiators of Gallop’s Performance Test Accelerator

Gallop’s Performance Test Accelerator jumpstarts your performance testing efforts. It helps assess your system’s capacity for growth, identify vulnerabilities in architecture and compare application performance on different networks and infrastructure. Here is what the accelerator provides.

  • Provides customized reports based on the specific parameters and metrics
  • Publishes reports by correlating data from geographically distributed sources
  • Generates static inferences based on correlation of parameters
  • Integrates with Load Runner, JMeter, WebLoad, Silk Performer & Neotys
  • Supports multiple test runs and generates reports per test in unattended execution mode
  • Parses data files of 2 GB with the ability to search and extract relevant error codes

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The Gallop Assurance

Gallop’s Performance Test Accelerator improved the overall performance of the flagship application of a major US-based airline by 55% which eventually led to increase of company annual revenues by over 8%. For a leading healthcare products company, our accelerator helped improve the scalability of the application by over 25% through dynamic code analysis & tuning. If you are looking for a trusted partner for testing your application performance, we would love to assist.

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Our Partnerships

Gallop has forged strategic partnerships with top testing tool vendors. These partnerships enable our clients to benefit from the reduced tool license pricing, on-time support and information. Our partnerships with tool vendors like AppDynamics, HP, Neotys & others help us to provide tool-agnostic performance testing services, performance monitoring and performance engineering services based on the client needs, application architecture, budget and scale

Businesses who rely on Gallop’s Performance Test Accelerator

Gallop has executed multiple performance testing and engineering engagements for clients in many verticals and for a variety of applications. Our customized testing solutions based on the client’s requirements helps them realize quick benefits of performance testing. Our 5 pronged Performance engineering methodology of Discover-Design-Develop-Execute-Analyze helps us deliver us the best results as per the objective of client. Below is the partial list of our clients who trust us for their performance testing and engineering needs.