Performance Testing of Citrix Applications using HP LoadRunner

This white paper highlights key issues and our learnings while testing performance of Citrix applications using LoadRunner

Testing Performance of Citrix Applications using HP LoadRunner

The complexity of Citrix protocol with its latest cutting edge security features has to be addressed through a detailed understanding of Citrix ICA protocol, how it works under the hood, simulation procedure, steps to address Replay issues, handle concurrent test execution issues, random/parameterized data handling mechanisms. This paper is to address such key issues and our learnings on how to handle such issues. HP LoadRunner is our tool of choice for Performance testing of Citrix applications through its sophisticated built-in support and capabilities for Citrix ICA protocol.

Read this White Paper to know more about:

  • ICA Protocol – How it works under the hood
  • How Citrix Works
  • How Citrix Works with Load Runner
  • Challenges, Learnings and solutions
  • Best Practices

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