Migrate from IBM Rational Robot to QTP (- Now UFT) without a pause!

HP validated & approved solution to migrate from IBM Rational to QTP

Rational to QTP Migration Accelerator

With the release of version 11.50, QuickTest Professional (QTP) and Service Test became part of the Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.50 software. The emergence of QuickTest Professional as HP's next generation test automation platform has revolutionized test automation space. RoboQuick is part of Gallop’s Test Asset Modernization (TAM®) suite of products. It provides a high quality, cost effective and accelerated modernization path for the clients planning to modernize from IBM Rational Robot Functional Testing platform to HP’s next-gen, market leading Functional Automation platform, HP-UFT. HP-UFT enhances Automation ROI and provides a robust test execution platform.

Why Should You Migrate from IBM Rational to UFT Using ROBOQUICK?

  • HP-UFT-HP's leading, next-generation automation testing solution makes it easier for QA organizations to certify the builds and deployments easier, faster, and cheaper.
  • HP-UFT supports a vast set of application platforms and versions compared to IBM Rational Robot.
  • HP-UFT's keyword-driven testing technology makes it easy for non-technical users to develop and maintain scripts.
  • Active Screen Technology, Smart Identification, and Uniform Parameterization Support are only a few of the several features that set HP-UFT apart from others.
  • If your organization is building applications on emerging technologies and platforms like .Net, multimedia and Mozilla Firefox, you will receive an outstanding support from HP-UFT.

Key Differentiators of Gallop’s RoboQuick solution

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of HP-UFT, but have time, money, and infrastructure invested in your Robot code, RoboQuick is your best choice for a comprehensive, automated, and cost-effective modernization.

With RoboQuick, your organization gains several advantages, including:

  • Instant upgrade of platforms; support for a vast set of upgrades to the application technologies.
  • Consolidation of Automation tool technologies across the enterprise.
  • Greatly reduced migration time; typical implementations last just a few weeks, start using HP-UFT much faster.
  • Reduced cost of migration.
  • No interruptions to business during the migration.
  • An experienced consulting team to oversee the migration to this accurate and well-tested platform.
  • Embedded HP-UFT best practices as part of migration.
  • Proven with complex frameworks to leading corporations.

Gallop’s Migration Thought Leadership

Gallop provides proprietary, IP tools that help accelerate your migration requirements to the latest options available. Read our collaterals to know how we can help you in your journey.

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Gallop has a strategic partnership with HP that allows us to offer additional value to clients across verticals.

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Gallop has been innovating continuously and letting organizations adopt latest tools with the help of its Migration Accelerators. Below is the partial list of Clients who have used Gallop’s Migration accelerators.

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We have helped many clients migrate their Rational Robo test scripts to the QTP/HP- UFT platform for their functional test automation needs. Our test migration accelerators have been used by many clients who have relied on our expertise in migration accelerators to speed up their software testing and in turn have quicker time to market for their apps. When it comes Test Migration Accelerators, you can realize quick benefits and better ROI with Gallop’s migration expertise.

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