Requirements Testing Framework

Industry experts claim that almost 70% of errors occur during design and coding phase of SDLC. Most importantly, the cost of fixing a defect is lowest in the requirements phase of the SDLC than any other phase. Once the requirements are thoroughly reviewed for ambiguities, there will be a greater efficiency in the processes and deliverables of SDLC and STLC. Research reveals it is 100 times costlier to fix a defect in UAT/Production than during the requirements stage

In most of the IT projects, the importance of validating the ‘Requirement specifications’ is often overlooked. Unclear, inconsistent, and incomplete requirements trigger a negative effect in subsequent phases of SDLC & STLC leading to poor quality code and invalid test cases in UAT & Production. Gallop’s Requirements Testing Framework (RTF) solution helps eliminate ambiguities in the requirement phase of the STLC and prevents the defects from propagating to the subsequent phases of the STLC.

To ensure early detection, Gallop has developed the Requirement Testing Framework (RTF) which helps eliminate ambiguities in the requirement phase of the STLC and prevents the defects from propagating to the subsequent phases of the STLC. This framework performs a holistic analysis of requirements across four parameters: Consistency, Clarity, Completeness, and Testability. Gallop has also developed a comprehensive requirements review process to ensure effective identification of ambiguous requirements.

Requirements Testing Framework Features

Gallop’s Requirement Testing Framework (RTF) helps reduce ambiguities in the requirement phase of the STLC and prevents the defects from propagating to the subsequent phases of the STLC. The RTF helps to:

  • Identify requirements ambiguities early in the test life cycle
  • Aims at finding defects in the requirements phase
  • Baseline high quality requirements, thereby reducing rework in the downstream phases
  • Reduce defect leakage into production
  • Improve how requirements are defined, captured and communicated
  • Increase the Testability of the Requirements


Following are the benefits provided by RTF:

  • Enables testers flag poor quality requirements
  • Introduces defect management lifecycle to track ambiguous requirements
  • Strengthens the process of defining, capturing and communicating requirements
  • Promotes lean documentation, and is effectively used in Agile and Waterfall models
  • Provides unified view of understanding for all stakeholders
  • Optimized SDLC & STLC with clear requirements
  • Ability to detect over 60% of defects during requirements phase
  • Over 40% reduction in post-production defects
  • Over 30% cost savings through early defect detection

Gallop’s Requirement Testing Checklist

Gallop’s Requirements Testing Framework aims to identify poor quality requirements and reduce defect leakage to subsequent phases. This framework is simple yet powerful in validating requirements and eliciting non-functional requirements thereby improving overall testability. The tool supports multiple life cycle models (Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid) and integrates evolving requirements. Requirements Testing Framework validates the requirements against parameters namely Clarity, Consistency, Completeness, and Testability.

Gallop has deployed this framework across several engagements improving early defect detection. The results from the initial pilot of Requirements Testing Framework have encouraged CIOs to make it an organization wide initiative.

Businesses who rely on Gallop’s Requirement Testing Framework

Gallop has executed multiple testing engagements for clients in many verticals and for a variety of applications. Our requirements testing framework has been specifically used by multiple clients to gain greater insights into early-stage defects. Below is a partial list of our clients who have used Gallop RTF.

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Gallop’s requirements testing framework can help early defect identification and help you avoid the spiralling effect of the defects to later stages and greater magnitude. If you are facing challenges with fast-changing requirements, highly dynamic application development demands, we are sure the requirements testing framework by Gallop would help.

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