Testing Self Service Technology – ATMs

Explore how Testing Self Service Technology addresses various types of frauds and ensures reliability of applications

Testing Self Service Technology – ATM

Testing is a critical component in the race to bring ATM applications to market quickly with production-quality reliability. Financial institutions can gain up to 80% in cost and time savings through an effective ATM testing, according to ATM Marketplace.

How does an organization achieve the balance between time and quality when the time zones are conflicting and teams are constantly changing?

Explore howTesting Self Service Technology addresses

  • Card and Currency Fraud
  • Skimming - ATM card skimming
  • Currency phishing
  • Logical/Data Security
  • Logical Attacks
  • Vulnerability management

ATM Testing Services take application code quality to a higher level. It ensures more reliable and user-friendly applications, resulting in an improved customer experience that retains existing customers and attracts new ones. The workflow of an ATM environment needs to be incorporated into the test strategy and planning; testing assessment; life cycle test execution and test automation. Download Gallop Whitepaper to know more.


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