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TweetChat Insights

Sharing interesting & resourceful insights from the Tweetchat session on #Migrate2Selenium

At Gallop, we hosted an engaging TweetChat on one of the most happening topics on Test Automation - Selenium. We thought of consolidating the interesting & resourceful insights generated during the Tweetchat session on Migrate2Selenium. The compilation also consists of inputs & questions from leading Nelson Hall Analyst, Dominique Raviart.

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10 Software Testing Trends

Featuring 10 Trends and a Bonus Trend which are going to define the Software Testing Landscape incoming decade.

Software Testing is getting disrupted in many ways by the latest technological developments taking place around the globe. Enterprises need to transform their QA practices and strategies along with the latest technology trends. Are you ready for the change? Learn more about the testing trends which are going to shape the future in this eBook.

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e-Book on 37 Epic Software Failures

Highlighting 37 Epic Software Failures that Mandate the Need for Adequate Software Testing

Disaster is an understatement for any brand/organization/institution that has incurred losses due to an overtly miniscule, but catastrophic software glitch. In this run on top software failures of 2016 -2015-2014, we take a stock of some interesting debacles that enterprises have encountered across sectors, which has further endorsed the role of testing in the overall SDLC process.

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Thought Leadership

Gallop is a recognized leader in the field of IP Led Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Bearing evidence to this fact are the best practices, industry insights, and large number of publications that we consistently share in form of Blog posts, Whitepapers, Case Studies & multiple other formats over the years.

At Gallop, we share our testing experience and expertise in diverse forums including local meetups and global conferences and webinars. Our Webinar series ‘Right before your Eyes' provides deep insights on commercial and open-source tool comparisons, advantages and disadvantages of testing frameworks, innovative ways of handling QA initiatives and more. As independent software testing specialists, we take pride in contributing back to the software testing community.

Feel free to know more about our Software Testing Thought Leadership.

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Specialized QA Staffing – Why Should you Care?

A Must Read eBook on North American IT Staffing Overview & Growth of QA Staffing Industry Are you interested to know about Contingent Workforce, Temp Staffing or know about Specialized QA Staffing Partners? Here is an opportunity to get Interesting Facts, Figures & Overview of QA Staffing Services.

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Manual Testing vs Test Automation

A raging debate exists on the topic and numerous articles try to put forth the evolving software testing landscape. Manual Testing and Test Automation seem to complement each other as well as compete with each other. Find what experts have to say on same in this report.

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