TweetChat on Migrate to Selenium

Know what Experts and Analysts have to Tweet about challenges, opprtunities, and trends in Selenium Automation and Migration.

Get trending insights from the TweetChat on #Migrate2Selenium.

Selenium Automation has been a topic of interest for developers, testers and enterprises at large. These are some key reasons for considering this topic for TweetChat.

  • Adoption is rising
  • Enterprises are increasingly following the trend
  • Speed of migration with Quality Assurance is essential
  • Early identification of migration risks and challenges is becoming critical

Our experts with their extensive experience and expertise in Selenium Automation and Migration engaged during the TweetChat and shared some interesting and resourceful insights on #Migrate2Selenium.

We have compiled some key insights and takeaways from the TweetChat. It also comprises inputs and queries from leading Nelson Hall Analyst, Dominique Raviart.



Kalyana Rao Konda


Sairam Vedam

VP, Marketing

Rajesh Sarangapani

AVP Delivery

Sivaraman Sundararaman

Director, Enterprise Solutions Group

Srikanth Kasula

Director, Solutions Engg. QA / Testing

Ravi Sindri

Director, Global Delivery