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Web Services Test Accelerator

To achieve strategic convergence, enterprises are adopting a pragmatic shift towards Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services across IT infrastructure. Since web services are distributed over networks and applications, the testing requirements need to be inclusive of the interfaces. Web services are inherently vulnerable to additional risks in the areas of integration and interoperability.

In addition, enterprises are expected to ensure forward integration to incorporate the emerging requirements with minimum effort. The incessant challenges faced by web services generate voluminous and unexpected test data combinations that need to be addressed by 100 % functional test coverage for the web server. The sheer scope of disruption mandates web services validation by seasoned test experts with sophisticated test approach.

Gallop’s Web Service Testing Framework

Gallop's Web Services Test Accelerator (WSTA) automates the web services testing of SOA-based applications at the interface level and reduces the need to support testing in parallel to the development phase. The accelerator supports both API functional testing and API performance testing of the web services.

Following are the steps used in Gallop’s WSTA - Establish, Automate, Rythm, Levels, Yields (EARLY):

  1. ESTABLISH (Measurement Criteria; Devise smart performance requirements; Granular goals per API)
  2. AUTOMATE It (Build an automated pack of API tests)
  3. Follow a RYTHM (Test often, for every build & deployment (test/production releases))
  4. Test for multiple LEVELS (Measure API performance for scalability, stress & endurance; Monitor production usage)
  5. Invest for higher YIELDS (Spending time on performance investigation is an investment; Fail fast)

Key Differentiators of Gallop’s WSTA

Gallop’s WSTA allows web applications to seamlessly integrate with various protocols and data formats such as REST, SOAP/WSDL, Atom, JSON, YAML and many others. Gallop’s WSTA provides the following benefits:

  • Improves performance and reliability of the Service Oriented Application (SOA)
  • Cost effective solution to test both SOA-based and REST API-based web services
  • Supports test execution of web services in cloud environment
  • Ensures 100% Functional Test coverage
  • Reduces web services test case authoring effort by 80%

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The Gallop Assurance

Gallop offers both Web Services API Functional testing and Load testing services to thoroughly test both functional and load test requirements of your API. Our web service testing framework has helped many clients realize true benefits for their Service Oriented Architecture based applications. If you are looking to improve the performance and reliability of your web applications, then do drop us a message and we will be glad to assist you.

Contact the API Testing Specialists at Gallop about your requirements and we will be glad to assist.

Driving Innovation at Gallop Solutions

Gallop’s WSTA brings API testing early in web application test lifecycle ensuring quicker test cycles and faster time to market. Our four-pronged approach towards API testing lowers testing and maintenance costs.

We Set Smart Goals

  • Involve multiple stakeholders and use production usage to map smarter requirements

We Manage Change

  • Impact analyzers, dependency matrix

We Drive Velocity

  • Use Cloud & Virtualization technologies for Hardware/Software to generate optimized test coverage, test data combinations, and high volume test data for load testing and security test cases.

We Provide Expertise and Experience

  • Deploy testers who have programming/technology skills

Our Partnerships

Gallop has forged strategic partnerships with major testing tool providers that lets us deliver additional value to our clients. We also do joint marketing collaterals with our partners to maximize the benefits of using automation for testing projects.

Businesses who rely on Gallop’s WSTA

Leading businesses of North America rely on Gallop’s API Testing Services to accelerate their web application testing. We have helped leading large and small businesses, enterprises and helped them quickly scale their web services with WSTA.