Performance Testing in Cloud: Right Before Your Eyes Webinar Series

Gallop On-Demand Webinar


With cloud based Performance Testing, you can quickly and elastically scale up tests to meet the demands of your business applications, reducing the cost and overhead of managing dedicated devices. While the process itself is promising, setting up a performance testing lab is not an easy task. Firewall rules, security constraints and lack of external DNS mappings prove to be a challenge while setting up a performance lab on cloud.

In this session, you will learn why & when should you consider cloud as an option for load testing. You will also know how to setup a load testing lab in cloud for Jmeter and also how to spin LGs on cloud using LoadRunner 12. In addition, you will also understand the configuration settings you need to setup a lab on cloud. The recording of the session is given below.

Speakers' Profile


Kranthi Paidi
Performance Architect

Kranthi is a dynamic and result oriented professional with nearly 18 years of proven success in Test Management Consulting including Test Maturity Assessments, Software Quality Assurance, Internal Audits and Knowledge management.

If you missed the webinar, view the webinar video recording below.