Agile – Being Used or Abused?

This white paper attempts to perform the due check whether Agile is indeed being implemented properly

Agile Being Used or Abused? Time for a Check!

Agile has gained a lot of anticipated traction and momentum in recent years and is apparently seems to be moving in the right direction. However, a recent survey shows that 49% of agile projects are not being done on time or have over planned budget, while 9% of the projects are total failures. The root causes of these issues and failures could vary. This observation however is an indicative of Agile reaching a flux that needs a “dipstick” or “retrospection.”

This White Paper briefly discusses the implementation of Agile in the context of:

  • Documentation – why is it needed? Our project follows agile.
  • Tasks not complete yet? – let’s change the sprint duration
  • Retrospection meetings – let’s drop them
  • Sprint review – somehow ensure “done” criteria is met; all that we need to showcase is working software!
  • Keep QA aside – it’s enough to include QA in the last week
  • Product owner and Scrum Master in one – after all it’s just a role play

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