Agile, but Still Secure

This white paper explains how organizations can adopt the agile methodology and still attain application security goals

Agile, but Still Secure - Adopting Agile methodology

Businesses have been demanding IT organizations to implement adaptable and versatile development methodologies without compromising on security, quality, and time to market. Then the question arises how do teams (Dev, QA & Business) meet the triple constraints (Cost/Quality/Schedule) in a sustainable manner across multiple contexts. Organizations do understand the value of time to market but struggle to strike a balance between “pragmatism” versus “purism”. Is the Agile process the right approach for integrated, complex applications that require and rely on layers of security?

To know more, download the Gallop white paper on “Agile, but Still Secure”.

A few areas that this white paper briefly touches upon are:

  • Risk analysis
  • Threat modelling
  • Security testing before deployment
  • Vulnerability management

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