Avoid Brand Injury

In this white paper we explore how to effectively manage business challenges using Gallop's USP framework.

The Agile Way to Avoid Brand Injury

One of the key principles behind the agile manifesto is that “Working software is the primary measure of progress” where agile processes harness change for the client’s competitive advantage. Today, with an increased frequency of changing business priorities, enterprises sometimes instinctively take on significant risks that go well beyond simply having poor functioning software thereby deviating from the basic principle of agile.

Change in the business priorities proportionately increases backlog. Clearing the backlogs is a key challenge for the Product Owners or Scrum Masters as building an effective framework is a Critical Success Factor (CSF) for Enterprises.

This White Paper briefly discusses:

  • Gallop’s user story prioritizing (USP) framework
  • Arriving at user story prioritizing number (USPN)
  • Benefits of using USP

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