Colocated Testing – The new business driver

Explore how Colocated Testing delivers Agility, Business Sensitivity and Convergence

Colocated Testing – The New Business Driver

Go-live & Go-to-Market decisions have brought a new wave of challenges with equally compelling demands on time and quality which appear to be on the two ends of the spectrum. From mobile app initiatives, Cloud based applications and social models, a lot of factors are influencing the connection between the users and the enterprises raising some simple yet profound questions.

How does an organization achieve the balance between time and quality when the time zones are conflicting and teams are constantly changing?

Explore howColocated Testing delivers

  • Agility
  • Business Sensitivity
  • Convergence

While every scenario demands a unique solution to address Software Testing challenges, the compelling benefits of Colocated testing, make it an ideal model for the enterprises in the current global economy. The sheer simplicity of the model and the overwhelming flexibility offer enormous scope for customization which retains the 'uniqueness 'of the business environment while enhancing quality. Download Gallop Whitepaper to know more.

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