DevOps: A Daemon or a demon? BITING OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW?

This whitepaper attempts to isolate & alleviate those challenges failing which the transformation can be a disaster

The DevOps Daemon or Demon: Biting off more than you can Chew?

When you hit the road, the adage "Speed thrills but kills" applies perfectly. Don’t we still love the Bugatti Veyron - what a machine! But that adage is taboo when it comes to delivering precision software because it is all about speed, quality, and consistency in this agile world.

The faster you adapt to change, the more successful the business is, - and in the end that’s what matters. Yours is an agile shop, and DevOps is taking you further towards the “Org Culture” of today. DevOps really is the Bugatti of software run businesses. Implementing DevOps to run like a Daemon at an organizational level is tricky.

There are a few factors that need to be determined such as:

  • How does culture fit-in and how can it be changed?
  • How tools and/or technology changes will impact business?
  • What kind of security requirements may be needed?
  • Does it mean I have to let go off my existing staff and re-hire to accommodate any changes in tool & technology?

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