Mobile Performance Testing

Learn the importance of performance testing to simulate and generate load in the mobile context

Mobile Performance Testing

Smartphones and tablets are the first point of interface and in some cases, even the Point Of Sale (POS). The stakes are so high that it is mandatory for businesses to assess performance of the mobile app before releasing it into the market. From a business standpoint, the user-experience and responsiveness of mobile apps is crucial to capture market share and client engagement.

Explore how mobile performance testing can be innovated.

  • Record and design test scripts
  • Design different workload models
  • Simulate different network bandwidths and user behaviours
  • Analyze the impact of mobile users on server

Performance is an outcome of the collective effort and meticulous testing. The ability to simulate and generate load in the mobile context is crucial to ensure performance that not only strengthens the business process but also ensures a great experience to the end user. Download Gallop whitepaper today.


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