Script-less Test Automation

Explore how Script-less Test Automation ensures quicker implementation of manual tests by the SMEs

Script-less Test Automation Tools and Framework: A White Paper

Gallop's Script-less automation strikes the right balance between the subject matter and technical expertise. The record and playback framework (SME friendly but difficult to maintain) or script-based approaches (highly reusable but requiring extensive automation expertise) relied heavily on the technical expertise which diluted the incorporation of the SME inputs.. The Script-less framework ensures quicker implementation of manual tests by the SMEs without the involvement of an Automation Engineer to convert the manual steps to automated tests.

Explore how Script-less Test Automation encompasses

  • Language support
  • Reusability
  • Extensibility
  • Maintainability
  • Reporting

The main aim of script-less automation is to get functional or subject matter experts involved in the Test Automation process by providing a platform that ensures efficient, maintainable and scalable Test Automation. Automation experts have an important role to play in providing a framework that can help functional users achieve a higher level of maintainability by efficiently changing workflows and data. Download Gallop Whitepaper to know more.


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