Security Testing Tools - Experiences and Recommendations

In this white paper, we attempt to explore various Security Testing Tools to help you address different security challenges

Security Testing Tools- Experiences and Recommendations

The new age enterprises face a relentless onslaught of security challenges ranging from DDoS attacks, Database compromise, Unauthorized entry, breach of access control, login flaws and vulnerabilities across sessions, multiple authentications, caches etc.

Explore how tool landscape along the parameters of

  • Data validation
  • Business logic security testing
  • Authorization security testing
  • Denial of service testing

Security is one area which needs constant reinforcements, meticulous assessment and a one step ahead approach to minimize the scope of error. Hence, security testing is a combination of offensive procedures backed by CEHs and strategic reviews which block and cement the IT system against threats, inherent as well as directed. Download Gallop Whitepaper to know more.

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