Testing Integrated Trading Platforms – An Approach

This white paper explains the various nuances associated with the Integrated Trading Platform.

Testing Integrated Trading Platform - An Approach

With the Integrated Trading Platform (ITP) investors will have access to wide range of asset classes. A robust support for the traders and investors, ITP provides user friendly facilities in different investment areas like Equity, F&O, Currency Derivative, commodities, Mutual Funds etc. The ITP platform is designed to appeal to both experienced traders and beginners/new traders alike by offering them investment strategies in an integrated environment with a single log-in.

This White Paper briefly discusses the following:

  • Introduction to Integrated Trading Platform
  • Importance of ITP
  • Features to be validated
  • Testing Challenges
  • Testing Approach
  • Functional Testing Differentiators
  • Testing Interfaces - Validating Information Exchange
  • And more…

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