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How to Change Your Wifi Password?

Change Your Wifi Password

You can connect your devices with wireless internet connection known as Wifi. You no longer require any cumbersome ethernet cables to connect to the internet.

Nonetheless, to keep your web secure, you’ll need a Wi-Fi password. The first reason for setting up a password with your Wifi is that without a secret key anybody can use the internet with your Wi-Fi resulting in a decrease in your web speed.

The speed of your Wifi relies on the number of users connected with the same Wifi router. The second reason is that if your device is not secured with a strong password, you may face security risks. That’s why they can even endeavor your gadgets to introduce malware and steal your personal data such as transaction passwords.

Therefore, you must set up a strong password to make your Wifi secure and speedy. If you feel that your password is weak, change your Wifi password immediately by following our steps mentioned below.

Steps to Follow:

  • Type the IP address of your Wifi router in the browser such as or your wifi password
  • Type your username and secret key (password). in both the fields of username and password, type  “admin”. If that doesn’t work, ask your internet service provider
  • Once signed in, look for the “Wireless” or “Wireless Security” choice

wireless security

  • Under the Advanced Settings tab, click Wireless > Security
  • In the “Wi-Fi Password” area, change the secret key you need to set for your Wifi gadget. The password you enter must be long and incorporate a blend of letters, images, and digits
  • Now tap”Save”. The Wi-Fi password will at that point be changed right away

When you change the password of your Wifi, all the devices associated with the Wifi router will disconnect.

You will need to reconnect your mobiles and laptops to Wifi by entering the new password. Follow these simple steps to change your Wifi password and limit the number of users connected with your Wifi device. Your Wifi password is secret.

Do not tell this to anybody. Keep it secure to avoid security risks in the future.

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