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How to Complete Instagram Profile?

Complete Instagram Profile

Complete Instagram profile consists of 4 steps. Every step is essential. First is to add profile photo. Thereafter add bio is an essential part. On 3rd step to follow is important and 4th add name will finish this section.

Add Profile Photo

Complete Instagram Profile

  • Tap on the Instagram icon, which was downloaded before.

Profile button

  • Now click on Profile button.

profile photo

  • “Add Profile Photo” is the first step to complete an Instagram profile.

Add photo

  • Click on “Add Photo”.

New profile photo

  • If you are a new user then you have to upload a profile photo. This profile photo you can get in from “Gallery”. So, click on “New Profile Photo”.

choose picture

  • Choose dynamic picture for your profile.


  • Tap on the “Arrow”.


  • Apply any filter to make a stunning photo.

tap arrow

  • Tap the arrow to proceed.

  • You will get a message on your mobile screen that, “Profile picture is changed”.

“Add Bio” to Complete Instagram Profile

  • Adding bio is the second step of profile completion.

  • Click on “Add Bio”.

Yours description

  • You can write 150 words about your personality or things related to you. Try to make it more interesting. More your personality attractive, more you have followers.

click on tick.

  • Click on tick to proceed.

  • The process of Adding Bio is completed.

Find People to Follow to Complete Instagram Profile

  • The 3rd step is “Find People to follow” to complete Instagram Profile.

find people

  • Click on find people.

popular celebs

  • List of popular celebs will appear.

click follow

  • Click follow on your favorite celebrities.

list of following

  • Your list of “Following” will increase day by day.

 Add Your Name

  • Adding your name is the last step of profile completion.

add name

  • Click on “Add Name”.

fill empty space

  • The space below the name section is empty, click to fill it.

write name

  • Write your name and tap on the tick.

tap on tick

Empty space is now filled with your name. Tap on tic to save changes.

Congratulation! Your profile has completed.

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