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How to Create a New Account on Instagram?

Create a New Account on Instagram

Instagram was launched in 2010. It is an American service who shared videos and photos. Instagram also provides social networking services. Start new account on Instagram is not difficult if you follow this step by step guide.

New Account on Instagram

  • After downloading Instagram app there are two options, Create a new account and login.

create account

  • If you are a new user, tap on “Create New Account”.

2 ways login

  •  To create a new account, you can login in two ways.

login by country

  • You can create account from phone number, select your country code.

The other way to login is enter

  • The other way to login is to enter your email and password.

After fulfill of requirements

  • After fulfilling the requirements for login press “Next”.

6 digit code

  •  For security check they will send a “6 Digit Code” on your given phone number.

New Account on Instagram

  • Now you have to write your full name and password.

New Account on Instagram

  • If your full name is similar to someone they will generate an error on your screen and asked to “Change Username”.

common password

  • Similarly, if you have entered a password which is commonly and can be hacked. They will generate another error. Use strong password.

Unique name

After putting a unique full name and password click on the registration button to register your account.

New Account on Instagram

  • Congratulation! Your New Account on Instagram is register now.

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