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How to Delete Your Facebook Account?

Delete Your Facebook Account

Delete your Facebook account is a little bit alarming. Because we have been so much addicted to using Facebook in our daily life for many years. It has become a part of our life.  Facebook connects us with the world.

Without Facebook, it is a bit difficult to get rid of boredom as it adds excitement to our daily routine. But, if you really want to deactivate/delete your Facebook account, you can do it. Facebook allows you to reactivate your account with the same ID and password within 30 days after deletion.

However, the permanent deletion will occur after 90 days to remove all types of information from Facebook. 


  1. Before deleting your account, you must think that many apps ask you to log in using your Facebook account.
  2. If you’re going to deactivate or delete your account, you might be signed out of many apps. Otherwise, you will have to create your new account to relish those apps. 
  3. Always archive your photos, videos from Facebook since you would no longer be able to restore them later after deleting your account. 

Steps to Delete Your Facebook Account

  • Sign in to your Facebook account

delete your Facebook account

  • Tap the down carrot icon located at the top right of the Facebook page. Click the “Settings” option

delete your Facebook account

  • Tap “Your Facebook Information” on the left side


  • Click View alongside the option “Deactivation and Deletion”

delete your Facebook account

  • On the next page, you will get a list of suggestions. Such as download your photos or videos before deleting your account. Simply tap the download icon next to the option “Download your Information”

delete your Facebook account

When you secured and stored all information and want to delete your account, click the “Confirm to Account Deletion” button


It may take up 90 days for the permanent deletion of your account. Moreover, you can cancel the deletion process within 30 days.

If you remove your account once, you will not able to reactivate it. You can use Messenger, or access any of the applications you’ve signed into through Facebook.

Moreover, the information such as pictures, videos, posts, and search history, which you’ve aggregated throughout the years.

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