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How to Delete Your Youtube Channel?

Delete Your Youtube Channel

Youtube is one of the most utilized apps. People watch videos, create their own channels, and upload many videos. They earn money through their Youtube channels. But there are plenty of reasons to delete your Youtube channel.

Whatever the reasons are, you want to delete your Youtube channel. It may be that you have uploaded huge content on your channel. It has taken a lot of your time. Now, you have changed your concerns or you have not much time to run your channel.

So, you want to delete it. Well, deleting the Youtube channel is not rocket science. You can do it with few easy steps. Let’s move on and check how to delete a Youtube channel.

Instructions Before Do This

Before deleting your Youtube channel, you must know that you will no longer have access to your subscriptions. Moreover, playlists, videos, messages, comments, likes, and followers. Everything related to your channel will disappear. So, instead of deleting, just hide your content temporarily. 

Steps to Follow:

  • Open your browser and head to the Youtube website

Youtube website

  • Make sure that you have signed in to your account before doing anything

 delete your Youtube channel

  • Tap on your profile icon in the circle located at the top right corner of the page

profile icon

  • Hit the Settings option from the drop-down menu
  • On the next page, hit the “Advanced Settings” button located at the bottom left side of the screen

delete your Youtube channel

  • Scroll down the page and find an option “Delete Channel”. Click it

delete channel

  • Verify your password and choose whether you want to simply hide your content or permanently delete your channel

 delete your Youtube channel

  • If you want to hide your content, click “I want to hide my content”. Then click the “HIDE MY CONTENT” button

 delete your Youtube channel

  • If you want to permanently delete your channel, click the option “I want to permanently delete my content”. Then click the “DELETE MY CONTENT” button

 delete my content

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