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How to Enable Facebook with Dark Mode?

Enable the New Facebook with Dark Mode

Facebook with Dark Mode is an awesome feature.

Facebook has launched a new design for its desktop site previously this year, including an optional dark mode. It has taken an extended time for the new design to be moved out to everyone. Moreover, in October 2020, the development was lastly completed.

Today, everyone is familiar with Facebook. But using Facebook or any app in the light mode is not favorable at night.

Enable this Feature

  • Switch to new Facebook first

Facebook with Dark Mode

  • Open Facebook on PC and click the drop-down arrow at the top right corner of the Facebook page
  • Enable the toggle next to the dark mode option

dark mode option

The dark mode set now.

Facebook with Dark Mode on (Android or iOS) Mobile 

  • Open the messenger app from your mobile
  • Send a message to your friend with the crescent emoji 

crescent emoji

  • The dark mode option will automatically set on the friend’s messenger app

Facebook with Dark Mode

  • Now go to settings, enable the dark mode toggle

Enjoy using this feature. Moreover, Facebook is launching more dynamic features, always check here to update your Facebook account.

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