How to Enhance Your SIM-Security By Setting Up the SIM PIN Lock?

Enhance Your SIM-Security

Enhance Your SIM-Security By Setting Up the SIM PIN Lock

Everybody knows how to protect our smartphones with fingerprint lock, PIN, or a password. But how can you protect the data stored in your SIM card? For this you have to enhance your sim-security.

What if someone takes out the SIM from your phone and install it on any other phone? SIM cards also store a lot of data such as contacts, billing information, and transaction OPTs passwords.

Just like a smartphone lock, you can set SIM pin lock also to protect your data in the SIM card. Smartphone’s lock screen cannot protect your SIM card. You have to set up a security lock for SIM to protect it.

Steps to Set Up the SIM PIN Lock

  • Go to Settings > Security
  • Click Other Security Settings or similar option with a bit different name

Enhance Your SIM-Security

  • Click on the “Set up SIM card lock”

set up sim card

  • Enter the default SIM PIN. Usually, it is 0000

Enhance Your SIM-Security

  • Change the default PIN to enhance the SIM security
  • Enter the new PIN and reenter to confirm the PIN

With these steps, you can protect your SIM card

Note: Always remember the SIM PIN that you set up for security. If you forget, you have to go to customer care shop or franchise.

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