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How to Find and Use AR Effects on Instagram?

How to Find and Use AR Effects on Instagram?

Instagram has rocked the world with its AR effects. This feature allows people to use many stickers and effects on Instagram.

This is a very funny part of Instagram that brings excitement and entertainment for the people. They post their stories and use AR effects on them. Instagram has also added a Spark AR Creator tool with which the Instagram users can create their own custom stickers.

You can see tons of stickers on people’s stories, posts, etc. If you want to try and use AR effects, this tutorial will teach you how to use AR effects. 

There are a couple of various ways individuals can discover AR impacts in the Instagram application: 

  • In the Effect Gallery – with this, you can select the AR effects from the accounts you follow. 
  • In the Instagram camera – to get AR effects on Instagram camera, you have to save and store them first.
  • On the Instagram profile of the people who created the effect.
  • In the stories of people – if you see any sticker on their stories, you can utilize an AR effect.

Steps to Use AR Effects on Instagram

In the Effect Gallery

  • Open the Instagram cameraeffect gallery
  • Click the effect icon

effect icon

  • Scroll to the right and click Browse More Effects.

brows effect


On an Instagram Profile

  • Click your Instagram profile.

AR effects on Instagram

  • Tap the effect icon under your Story Highlights

story highlights

You can see your effects that you have used. 



In the Instagram Camera

First, visit someone’s profile and go to the Effects tab, it will give you an option to “Save this effect to your camera for easy access”.



  • Once you save the effect from other’s profiles, open the camera.
  • Tap the effect tray and use the effect.

AR Effect on Instagram Stories

  • When you see a story of your friend with AR effect, tap on the effect title from the top left corner. 

AR effects on Instagram AR effects on Instagram

  • Tap the Try button to try this AR effect. 

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