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How to Start with the New Fleets Feature on Twitter?

Start with the New Fleets Feature on Twitter

Twitter has rolled out a new Fleet feature for testing. It is limited to a few devices only. This feature is similar to the Instagram Stories feature. The fleets disappear after 24 hours.

This new fleets feature on Twitter aims to get more users on Twitter and people can express their views more conveniently. These fleets will not have any option like a reply, like, retweet, or feedback. People will follow your fleets just as they follow Instagram stories.

Let us tell you how to get started with the new Fleets feature.

Fleets Feature on Twitter


  • Launch the Twitter application on your cell phone. 
  • Click your profile icon at the upper left corner of the Twitter page. It is quite similar to Instagram Stories.
  • Another page will show up with a message “Share a fleeting thought”. 
  • Type your idea that you need to share with individuals. You can likewise share your idea with pictures or videos. 
  • Click the button to send your fleet.

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