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How to Improve Audio Quality During Call Conferencing?

Improve Audio Quality During Call Conferencing

Today, due to COVID-19 and lockdown conditions in the world, people are avoiding meetups. Moreover, they are practicing long distances. They’re utilizing the call conferencing feature to connect with their loved ones.

They are experiencing audio-quality issues during call conferencing. Each phone call relies upon superb sound quality to understand those advantages. A call with a terrible sound can demolish the experience. Moreover, poor sound quality is one of the main reasons why conference calls can have awful reputations.

If you want to improve audio quality during call conferencing, you have to learn the following tips and tricks to achieve good audio quality. 

Tips and Tricks to Improve Audio Quality

  • Loudness is one of the main reasons for bad audio quality. Use a headphone with a built-in microphone to eradicate the issue
  • Background noise can distract everyone during the call. To avoid background noise, use the mute option or go to such a place where there is no noise. You can use an external microphone to reduce background noise

improve audio quality during call

  • Select a service that provides the best audio quality during call conferencing. You can install those apps which can improve sound quality
  • If you call through a windows laptop, you can use a built-in microphone. For this, go to Control Panel > Hardware & Sound, then adjust the microphone settings. You can increase the sound intensity to get better sound results


  • Many laptops offer audio quality enhancement features such as Acoustic Echo, Noise suspension, etc. activate the Noise Suspension feature

sound display

  • If the members hear distorted voices, it is likely because of the bandwidth problem. Even if one member on the call has a poor VoIP or cell association, it can cause sound quality issues for everybody in the call conferencing
  • Curiously, the guilty party may not generally be the individual’s PC who is facing sound quality issues. You can solve the issues by requesting that all members check their web speed before joining a call
  • If they’re encountering bandwidth issues, propose they close out their different applications that are utilizing the web

improve audio quality during call

These are some tips and tricks with which you can improve audio quality during call conferencing. Additionally, you can share a good experience with others so that they also get the advantage of this. 

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