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How to Increase Wi-Fi Speed?

Increase Wi-Fi Speed

Getting annoyed with the slow speed of your internet? Watching a video on YouTube or during a video call, or using Wifi for anything, when we face a distortion or weak internet connection. Hence, we get annoyed. Do not worry at all. This problem can be solved.

There are various reasons for the slow speed of the internet. Physical obstructions, for example, walls, doors, can change the speed of wifi. When you use wifi in the open air where there is no obstruction, the signals are good.

The number of devices utilizing your Wi-Fi system can reduce internet speed. The lesser the devices connected with wifi, the better will be the speed. There are some factors that can affect the speed of your Internet.

The arrangement of the router where you position it, and the devices that are associated with it. Let us know how to increase your Wi-Fi speed.

Place the Router at the Perfect Position to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

Place your wifi router in the middle of your house or a building. Also, mount it on the shelf instead of the floor avoiding obstructions such as walls. This will certainly increase the speed of your Wifi.

Keep the Router away from Electronic Devices

Never keep your wifi device near electronic devices. Otherwise, there would be a problem with an internet connection. The connection breaks up due to weak signals, as electronic devices such as TVs, speakers, monitors, etc., capture the signals.

Set it away from Wireless Signals

Buy a dual-band router and always keep your wifi router away from wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers. Because these devices can disturb the signals and consequently, reduce your Wifi speed.

Use Password

Connecting more devices with the same wifi can considerably reduce the speed of your wifi. Always protect your wifi with a password so that only a few people can connect to your wifi who knows the password.

Reboot Wifi Regularly

Rebooting your wifi on a regular basis can increase the speed of the internet.

Switch Channels to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

Switching channels can also increase Wi-Fi speed. Switch your wifi to a channel that is not in the use of your neighbors, which can increase the speed.

Use Signal Boosters

Wifi extenders such as high-gain antennas can boost the speed of your wifi. Their signal strength is better than those that come up with the routers.

Use a Second Router

Positioning another router with your wifi can increase the Wi-fi speed of your wifi.

Update Routers

Always keep your routers and gateways to the latest Wifi 6 standard.

Use a Wireless Range Extender

Wireless ranger extenders are used to improve the signals. It can increase the signals in your homes or offices where the signals are weak initially. If your router is mounted on the first floor, wireless range extenders will capture good quality signals to use the internet on the other floor.

Use Current Wifi Technologies to Increase Wi-Fi Speed

Technologies change with the passage of time. Every new technology comes with improvements. Using the current wifi hardware devices is another way to increase the speed of your wifi.

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