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How to Install and Register Telegram on Android?

Install and Register Telegram on Android

Telegram is Dubai based company. Telegram is delivering message software and application service. Moreover, Telegram is providing end-to-end encrypted video calling.

You can share files and can use their other features. If you are Android user, then you have to install and register Telegram on Android.

Technology is on its peak. Day by day we are getting new Apps. These useful Technologies made our life more easy and convenient.

Let’s get started!

  • Firstly, go to “Play Store” on your Android phone.

Register Telegram on Android

  • There you will see “Search Bar” at the top center on your Android device.

Register Telegram on Android

  • Tap on the “Search Bar”.
  • Write “Telegram” on the search bar.

Register Telegram on Android

  • A pop up window will appear. There you will see “Telegram FZ-LLC”. On Play store you will see more than one Telegram icons, but it is better if you write Telegram with FZ-LLC.

Register Telegram on Android

  • Click on the “install” button. You can find this “button” on right corner.

Install button

  • After App installation, finally tap on the “Open” button to complete the process.

open button

  • A pop up window will appear. There you will find “Start Messaging” option, press on the “Start Messaging” button.

start messaging

  • At this point you will get the option to “Add your phone number”. Firstly, you have to select your country and then add your phone number. After complete this process, tap on the arrow button which is shown downward.

Register Telegram on Android

  • After adding your phone number. Telegram will ask you to tap on “Allow” button, so that they will access your phone call logs.

call logs

  • Telegram will sent you the “Verification Code” on your phone number to confirm. Almost all Social apps send verification code. Matter of fact is that, they assure that the person who is requesting is the right owner of that phone number or email.

verification code

  • After that , Enter the user name such as “first name” and “second name”. Social Apps wants to confirm your real identity.

Register Telegram on Android

  • Select the Profile picture and click the “Arrow button” which is on the downside.

Telegram register account

  • For register Telegram on Android, allow Telegram to access your contacts. Finally, tap on the “Allow” button.

Allow button

  • After it, Telegram will ask you to access your photos, media and files on your device. You have to give them access If you want to Register Telegram on Android phone. So, click on “Allow” button.

Allow Telegram to access

  • Finally, you are Registered on Telegram. Moreover, your profile is complete now.

Telegram Profile complete

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