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How to Make Video Calls Using Smart Displays?

Make Video Calls Using Smart Displays

Make video calls using smart displays is an awesome feature. If you have ever used a smart display, you must be aware of its useful features.

With smart displays such as the Nest Hub Max and Amazon Alexa, users can watch youtube videos, play music, watch daily updates, and make video calls. The most important and useful feature of smart displays is that the users can make hands-free video calls.

Amazon Alexa comes with its built-in video calling feature while Google has integrated its Duo app to support video calling. You can even use a smartphone to call using Google Duo. 

Steps to set up Google Duo

  1. Launch Google Home app on your smartphone
  2. Install Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone
  3. Your smartphone will display some “Nest Hub” devices. Search your device and click on it.
  4. Click the Settings icon.

video calls using smart displays

5. Scroll down and click More button. Tap on the “Duo Video Calling” option

6. Now follow the on-screen instruction to enable Duo calling.

7.Use on-screen commands to make or receive calls.

google duo

Now, you can make or receive calls from any device that supports Duo calling. 

 Using Amazon Alexa 

Before calling on your “Echo Show device”, make the device compatible with the Alexa app.


  1. Click the Message button located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter your phone number. Complete the steps of verification and grant necessary permissions. 
  3. Search contacts and you are ready to make calls.

This is how you can make enjoy your moments with your loved ones. 

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