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How to Recollect Deleted Photos on Cellphone?

How to Recollect Deleted Photos on Cellphone?

Isn’t it frustrating when you accidentally delete a photo on your cellphone and immediately realize what a blunder you did? If you have faced such a situation and really want to know how to recollect deleted photos on your cellphone, this article will tell you tremendous ways of photos recovery.

Recollect Deleted Photos on Cellphone

Before talking about the solution for this issue, first, understand what occurs with your cellphone’s framework when you delete a photo? It goes to a particular area in the cellphone’s memory making it imperceptible for you.

On the off chance that you play out any activity, this may overwrite erased photos and delete them permanently from your cellphone. That’s why we suggest you stop using your cellphone and turn it off to keep away from the danger of losing your deleted photos forever.

Recover Photos With “Coolmuster Lab. Fone” for Android

This software is compatible with every android phone such as Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, Motorola, etc. With this software, you can recollect your deleted photos, contacts, texts, and documents on cellphone.

Step 1.  Install the software on your PC. Launch it. It will direct you to the Android Data Recovery option. Now connect your cellphone to PC and Choose “Quick Scan” and press Continue.


Recollect Deleted Photos on Cellphone

Step 2: Select “Photos” that you want to recover. Press “Next”


Step3.   You can enable the option “Only display the deleted item(s)”. This will display only deleted photos. Then click on the “Recover” button to recollect your deleted photos.


Recover With Google Photos

Step1. Launch the app from your cellphone and sign in Google account. After signing in, click the “Trash” option.

recover with google photos


Step2. You can see the deleted photos there. Pressing restore option, you can see the deleted photos.

Google Drive Method

If you have backed up your photos earlier on Google Drive, this technique will clearly support you. Launch the Google Drive application. Go to “Trash”. Select the photos you need to retrieve. Click a three-speck symbol from the lower right corner.

google drive method


DiskDigger Application

Install the DiskDigger application on your smartphone from the play store. Launch the application. Choose the Basic Scan or Full Scan choice. Then select your erased photos and tap “Recover” to restore them.


Recollect Deleted Photos on Cellphone

These are the methods with which you can recollect your photos on your cell phone.

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