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How to Recollect Facebook Account?

Recollect Facebook Account

Facebook suggests many ways to recollect your account. If you have filled the questionnaire offered by Facebook at the time of setting up your account, then it would be easier for you to recover your Facebook account.

Otherwise, chances become less. It is a bit difficult if you have not set up backup recovery options. Let’s have a look at some steps if you want to recollect your Facebook account that you have not logged in for some time.

Make sure that you have not logged in to any device using your Facebook account. If you find any device with the Facebook login, then you can recover your account. Ok, consider that you have not logged in to any device. Have a look at the following step guide.

Log in the Same Device

Try to log in using the same device in which you have logged in earlier. Facebook would recognize the same internet connection and device. This will become easier for you to recover your account without any extra verification.

Recover Your Account from its Profile Page

  • If you have access to any Facebook account i.e. your friend’s account, access your profile page

Recollect Facebook Account

  • Click the three-dot button. Choose the Find support or Report profile option.


  • Select “I can’t access my account” option.

Recollect Facebook Account

  • This will prompt a screen in which you have to select “Recover this account”. This will direct you to the following page

find your account

  • After entering your email or phone number, you will see your Facebook profile picture

reset your password

  • Check your email. Facebook has sent you a code. Enter the 6 digit code. Enjoy Facebook

Have You Changed Your Contact Information?

If you no longer have access to the email, phone number, etc., then tap the option as “No longer have access to these?”. Facebook will ask your new phone number and email.

Recollect Facebook Account

If you have set up Trusted Contacts, you can recover your account. Fill in the information and ask your trusted contacts to help you figure out this. You will require three codes to recover your account.

contacts for help

If you have not set up Trusted Contacts on Facebook, it will ask you a security question. Answer the question at the spot and reset your password. Otherwise, wait until Facebook does anything for your account recovery.

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