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How to Recollect Memory on a Cell Phone?

Recollect Memory on a Cell Phone

If you delete any file mistakenly, you can restore or recollect memory on a Cell Phone. Previously, almost all the cell phones provided SD cards and the people used to save their important files.

They can save text messages, pictures, and videos on their SD cards. But, nowadays, smartphones permit storing the data in the internal memory.

You can recollect your lost data with the help of data recovery software such as EaseUS software, software and many more. Let us recover the deleted files with the EaseUs data recovery software.

EaseUs Data Recovery Software

  1. Install EaseUs software in your PC/laptop
  2. Launch the software and connect your cell phone to your computer with USB data cable

data recovery software

  1. Once you have connected your cell phone to the computer, scan your cell phone to recognize the deleted or lost data

lost data

  1. Click the “Only display deleted files” option. The software will display all the lost files


  1. Hit the “Recover” button to recollect lost memory on your cell phone Data Recovery Software

  1. Download and install the software
  2. Click the “Recover” button

data recovery software

  1. Connect your device with the computer

Connect device

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging

USB Debugging

  1. Enable the “ USB debugging” option
  2. Now start scanning your cell phone to recover the lost files

Recollect Memory on a Cell Phone

  1. Preview all the lost files and select the files you want to recover
  2. Hit the recover button to recover the files from the internal memory of your phone

Recollect Memory on a Cell Phone

You can recollect memory on your cell phone with any of the data recovery software.

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