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How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account?

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Recover hacked Facebook account sounds good!


Somebody has hacked your account? Do not worry about it. You can recover hacked Facebook account now.

Billions of individuals use Facebook for different purposes but due to cybercrimes, some of the Facebook clients meet with various hacked accounts. Recovering Facebook accounts is simpler and should be possible with a couple of steps.

Firstly, beware of the hackers and use two-factor authentication to make your accounts secure. But if somebody has hacked your account, be quick and try the methods given below to recover your hacked Facebook account as soon as possible.  

Resetting your Facebook Password 

  • Launch the Facebook app or type in your browser
  • You will see the login Facebook page. Click “Forgot Password?” 

recover hacked Facebook account

  • Now, enter your email or phone number that you use for your Facebook account. Hit the “Search” button

recover hacked Facebook account

  • Facebook will search your account. Once it has searched, it will show your Facebook account

recover hacked Facebook account

  • Choose the account recovery options, via email or via SMS and click Continue

Facebook account recovery option

  • Facebook has sent you a 6-digit code via SMS or email that you selected

6 digit code on Gmail

  • Now enter the code and click Continue. If you haven’t received any code, click Resend code

Enter code on Facebook

  • Check the option “Log me out of other devices”. This will log you out of other devices. If someone else is using your account, he/she will not be able to log in to your account again

recover hacked Facebook account

  • Create a new password for your Facebook account. Your password must be strong

Create a new password

  • Enter your password again to confirm

Reporting the Facebook about your hacked account

  • Open facebook hacked account page. Go to https//

recover hacked Facebook account

  • Click on “My Account Is Compromised”

Facebook account is compromised

  • Enter your phone number or email address with which you log in to your account

recover hacked Facebook account

  • Click the “Search” button
  • Now enter your current or old password and click Continue


  • Select a reason why you think that your account has hacked. Click Continue

recover hacked Facebook account

  • Now reset your password to secure your account

secure your account

  • Get login alerts so you will be able to track who has logged in to your account

get notification

You are all done. 

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