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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Cellphone?

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Cellphone?

Oh no! Have you deleted a text message? When sending a text message, we sometimes delete it and just realize after sending it that we really needed it. Do not worry at all. We all go through this tenseness.

Now the question arises, how to recover those deleted messages on cellphone once gone. This article will guide you to retrieve those messages on your cell phone. Read this article to end your panic.

Recover Deleted Messages on Cellphone

After deleting a message, it still occupies a place in memory and the system does not remove it permanently. Your phone considers this message as an inactive file and marks it as invisible. But if you start opening another file just after deleting the SMS, it would be rarely possible to retrieve or recollect it.

It is just as you write something on the paper and erase it and write something else or replace the text. Therefore, you must not perform any other function just after trashing the SMS, rather you should turn on airplane mode and do not use any application such as a camera, recording, etc to recover deleted messages on cellphone.

Request Recipient

So the easiest way is to request the recipient to send you that message back if he/she has not deleted that message. Otherwise, try other possible ways to recollect it.

Recover Deleted Messages on Cellphone

Backup Your Cellphone

Go to Settings > Google Backup > SMS messages.  

Recover Deleted Messages on Cellphone


SMS Recovery Applications

Presently, there are various applications that help you in recuperating the instant message. Such applications ask you to pay first for message recovery.

Using MobiKin Software

“MobiKin” permits you to recollect your removed messages on android just as the iPhone. Install it to your PC, plug in your cell phone. It will solicit you which type of data would you like to recollect.

When you tap the “Deleted messages” choice, your data will be retrieved in a couple of minutes. On your iPhone, you don’t have to connect your cellphone to any Mac for this reason. It will auto-identify and show all your iTunes records. This is the way you will have the option to remember SMS messages on your cell phone.

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