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How to recover your Gmail account?

Your Gmail account has a lot of worth. It is used for many purposes. You need your Gmail account to log in to different apps. For Facebook, youtube, Google apps, Whatsapp, and many more apps ask your Gmail account for various purposes. So, if you do not remember your password or your somebody has hacked your account, or for any reason, you have lost access to your Gmail account, you are on the right platform. When you create your Gmail account, it asks you to set an email and password. But the Gmail password is so sensitive and difficult to remember so you may forget it. Here is how to recover your Gmail account with simple and easy steps. 

If you forget the password, follow the given steps

  1. Open the Gmail account recovery page.

recover your Gmail account

2. Enter your email address.Enter the current password of your Gmail account.

recover your Gmail account

3. If you have forgotten your last password, click “Try another way”.

recover your Gmail account

4. It will ask you “Do you have a phone?”. Click “Yes”.

account recovery

5. Select your country code from the drop-down list. Enter your phone number 

verify your phone number

6.. Gmail has sent you a code on your phone number. 

account recovery

7.. Or you can also answer the security question to have access to your account back.

google account

If you forget your email address, follow these steps

  1. If you can’t get to your Gmail account since you can’t remember your email address, open the Gmail account recovery page for forgotten usernames.
  2. Enter your recovery email or phone number and hit the Next button.

Gmail will send you an email on your recovery email address. Open the email and get your email address for your Gmail account.

Has somebody hacked your Gmail account? 

If you are unable to sign in your Gmail, it might be the reason that somebody has hacked your account. Complete the steps of your Gmail account recovery and sign in to your Gmail account.

Go to “Security”.

  1. In the “Recent security events”, tap the “Review security events” option.
  2. Protect your account by following the on-screen instructions. Click “Yes” if you have done the security settings.

If somebody has hacked your Gmail account, he might have got access to your personal information such as bank account information. Go to your bank and ask them to secure your information. 

Recover the deleted Gmail account

You can even recover your deleted Gmail account. Just go to the Gmail account recovery page and enter your email and last password. If you forget the password, follow our steps mentioned above in the forgot password section.

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