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How to Reduce YouTube Videos Data Consumption?

Reduce YouTube Videos Data Consumption

Due to COVID-19, most people stay at home utilizing their time watching YouTube videos. If we compare the data consumption before COVID-19, we get that today, the data consumption has increased a lot. To reduce Youtube videos data consumption, You have to save Youtube videos for offline viewing.

Watching YouTube videos consume a lot of data and if you repeat watching the videos, data consumption will undoubtedly increase. People like to listen to music on repeat.

Imagine a scenario in which you can save a YouTube video on your cell phone and hear it out without the need of data connection.

This is the place YouTube’s Download feature proves to be useful. Let us tell you how can you reduce data consumption by saving YouTube videos for offline viewing whenever you want. 


  • A stable and strong internet connection 
  • YouTube app with the latest version
  • YouTube Premium  (optional)

How to Reduce YouTube Videos Data Consumption For Offline Viewing?

  • Launch the YouTube app from your smartphone
  • Search the video you want to play
  • Tap the video of your choice
  • Click on the Download button
  • Press on the quality resolution in which you want to download the video

 YouTube videos for offline viewing

  • Click “Not Now” if you don’t want to get the Youtube premium feature
  • You will see that the video is downloading. This video will save in the Library folder
  • Go to the Library folder and access the downloaded video

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