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How to Reset Mobile?

How to Reset Mobile?

When you want to sell your mobile and buy a new one, you must reset it before selling it. You might have any personal data on your mobile. Doing a factory reset will erase all the data in it. But always keep a backup of your personal data before reset.

So you can restore it on your new mobile. This is one of the reasons for doing a factory reset. The other reason is if your phone is experiencing some problems, you can reset your phone to troubleshoot it.

Following are some steps that will help you to understand how to reset your mobile while keeping a backup of your personal data.



Go to the Settings app. Scroll down the menu. Find the option “General Management”

Step 1. Go to Settings

Step 2. Click the  General Management tap


Step 3. Click Reset

Step 4. Press Factory data reset button



Step 5. Scroll down and search the blue “Reset” button.

Step 6. Now enter the pin and press Next.

Step 7. Click on the “DELETE ALL” button


how to reset mobile


After doing this, your mobile will auto reboot. It will take some time to reset. After some time, your mobile is all set and becomes like a new phone.

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