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How to Save Battery Life on Android?

Save Battery Life on Android

Let us know some tips and tricks to help you save battery life on Android. 

Enable Power Saving Mode to Save Battery Life on Android

If you want to extend the battery life of your android phone, enable “ Power Saving mode”. Go to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode.

Save Battery Life on Android

What Are You Watching? 

Look, what are you watching on your android phone? Are you watching videos, movies, or playing games?

Streaming videos and playing games can cause a battery to drain very fast. To save the battery life of your android phone, reduce watching videos first.

If you are fond of playing games, install lighter game apps on your android phone such as puzzles, word games instead of war games. Moreover, If you do so, you will surely notice that your battery consumption is very less. 

Change the Display of Your Android Phone

Use static wallpapers instead of moving wallpapers. It consumes a lot of battery to animate wallpapers. Also, use those wallpapers which have fewer colors because colorful wallpapers use more battery.

Widgets provide us ease and a quick way to use apps but they take a lot of battery. They need the power to keep running all the time. If battery life is a problem, stop using widgets. 

Change the display

Close Unused Apps to Save Battery Life on Android

Close the apps running in the background. Sometimes you wonder why the battery is draining so fast when you are not using any app. The real criminals are those apps running in the background that consume a lot of battery.

Save Battery Life on Android

Silent Your Android Phone

Keeping your Android phone in a silent state can minimize battery drainage. If your phone keeps on beeping and buzzing, it will drain your battery. Open settings > Sounds & Vibrations. Keep the intensity of vibration lower as much as you can.

Silent your Android phone

Turn Off Automatic Updates

Enabling the automatic updates option on all the time is good to enjoy the latest version of your apps. But these updates can reduce your android battery. Go to Settings and turn off the automatic updates of apps.

Save Battery Life on Android

Screen Brightness

Have you noticed that your phone consumes more battery if its screen brightness is full? Always keep the screen brightness low as much as possible.

Screen brightness

Wifi is Your Friend

Turn wifi on instead of using cellular data. Cellular data can drain your battery very fast. But when you use wifi, you will notice that the battery of your android phone is not draining as much. It’s draining level is quite normal.

But if you don’t need an internet connection, turn off both wifi and cellular data. Or you can enable airplane mode on to save your battery.

Save Battery Life on Android

Turn Off Location Service & Bluetooth

Location service and Bluetooth are amazing features but they drain the battery quickly. Turning off these services can minimize the battery to drain.

Open  Settings and search for Bluetooth, location service options, and disable them if you don’t need them.  

Turn off location

Use Dark Mode to Save Battery Life on Android

Instead of using the light mode, set your android phone to dark mode. But it depends on which phone you are using.

If you’re using LED-based phones such as AMOLED or OLED, setting everything to black can be good for saving battery. But black is not good for LCD screens. 

Save Battery Life on Android

Use Liter Apps

Last but not the least, install liter apps such as Facebook lite, Messenger lite, etc. Those people who have weaker phones can install these apps to save their phone’s battery.

Save Battery Life on Android

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