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How to Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos on Your Android Smartphone?

Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Photos on Your Android Smartphone

Have you ever used “Save WhatsApp Status videos” feature? WhatsApp Status feature lets you upload videos, pictures, your stories, and anything that you want to share with people. The feature is secure and safe. You can set privacy for this feature also.

WhatsApp Status feature is quite similar to the Instagram Stories. Stories disappear after every 24 hours. You know how to set your own WhatsApp status. You upload so many pictures and videos as a WhatsApp status but you don’t know how to download your friend’s status.

When you see the status of your friends, you want to save it especially the videos. Therefore, you ask your friends to send you the video. Taking a screenshot can help to save the pictures but to save Whatsapp video status get complicated. 

Steps to Follow:

You need a File Manager app to use this feature on your android smartphone. In many android smartphones, there is a built-in File Manager app. But if you don’t see any File Manager app in your android phone, download and install the Google Files app in your android phone. 

  1. Launch the File Manager app in your android smartphone.

save WhatsApp status videos

2. Go to Internal Shared Storage.

shared storage

3. Scroll down to find the WhatApp folder.

save WhatsApp status videos

4. In WhatsApp folder, click Media.

click media

5. Now, click “.Statuses” folder.

statuses folder

6. Press and hold on a video you want to save. Click Copy. Paste the video on any folder of your choice.

save WhatsApp status videos

With these easy steps, you can save your favorite WhatsApp status video on your android smartphone. 

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