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How to Save Your Battery Life on an iPhone?

Save Your Battery Life on an iPhone

Save your battery life on an iPhone is a splendid hack. A dead battery is irritating? It happens with all of us when we are in trouble, we want to make a call or book a ride. Moreover, in any emergency that we want to use the iPhone, but the battery drainage problem persists. It’s too annoying and we feel helpless in such a situation. 

A new iPhone’s battery should last for up to 24 hours. Streaming videos, listening to music, using the internet can drain your iPhone’s battery so rapidly. You must consider why your battery is draining so fast.

It might be a background activity that’s causing your battery to drain fast. Moreover, it might be due to some other reason. Let us begin with how to save your battery life on an iPhone. 

Check which Apps are Consuming More Battery

Mainly, some apps running in the background cause battery drainage. You can check which apps are the culprits. Go to Settings > Battery. You see apps showing the consumption of batteries in percentage.

Close the apps which are consuming more battery. Doing so can save your iPhone’s battery life.

Battery usage

Lower Screen Brightness

Lowering the screen brightness can save your iPhone’s battery life. When you use your iPhone in the sunshine, your iPhone increases the brightness level to full automatically. Swipe up the screen from the bottom to open Control Center.

Lower the brightness level up to the point where you can still see the screen. This way, you can save the battery life of your iPhone.

lower screen brightness

Turn Off the WiFi or Cellular Data

If you are at home or a place where WiFi is available, do turn off the cellular data. Similarly, if you are outside where wifi is not accessible, turn off Wifi. So that your iPhone will not consume battery for searching nearby WiFi networks.

If you do not need to do anything on your iPhone, do turn off the cellular data and wifi. Turn on airplane mode. This method can also save power consumption. Go to Settings > Airplane Mode. or you can do this by swiping the screen from the bottom to up.

Go to Control Centre and choose Airplane mode and turn it on. 

Save Your Battery Life on an iPhone

Turn Off the Location Service

Turning off the location service can save the battery life of your iPhone. You can see which apps are using location service. Set the apps to Never. This will lower the battery to drain fast.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Service

Location service

Turn On Low Power Mode 

Turn on the “Low power mode” when prompted. If your battery is lower than 20%, you can save it by turning low power mode manually.

If you are using your phone consistently or watching a video. Moreover, if you are sending emails, you can turn Low power mode on. With low power mode, if your battery is 5%, you can still use your iPhone continuously for about 45 minutes.

If you don’t use your iPhone at the battery level of 5%, you can the battery for emergency purposes the whole day. Open Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

Save Your Battery Life on an iPhone

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