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How to Setup Meetings on Google Meet?

How to Setup Meetings on Google Meet?

Google has rolled out a new feature of video conferencing called Google Meet. With Google Meet, 100 people can join a virtual meeting without any time limit. All you need is to have a Google account. G-suite users have to log into their G-suite account.

Those who do not have a G-Suite account can join Google Meet with a Google account. Let us teach how you can setup your meetings on google meet.

Steps to Set Up Google Meet

  1. Meetings can be scheduled on Google Meet via Google Calendar. Open the link

Setup Meetings on Google Meet

2. Choose the date and time on which you want to schedule a meeting.

Setup Meetings on Google Meet

3. Create the meeting and add the Title of your meeting.

google meet

4. Tap on Add Guests to add the guests to a meeting. Or click on the “Add Google Meet Video conferencing to add the guests.


5. Type the email address of your meeting partners who are joining the meeting.

Setup Meetings on Google Meet

6. When you have added the email addresses of all the guests, click Save.

7. Now, send the meeting notification to all the guests.


8. Click on the “Join with Google Meet” to join the meeting.

join the meeting

9. Accept the meeting request to attend the meeting. 


Note: The participants who get the meeting request can forward the link to other participants who did not get the link. 

With these easy steps, you can set up a meeting and include 100 members via Google Meet. 

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