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How to Switch From Android to iPhone?

Switch From Android to iPhone

Switch from Android to iPhone is not an easy task. But, Change is always good. We hope that you would have a very good experience after using an iPhone.

iPhone limits us using Bluetooth with android devices.it only allows us to connect iPhone devices via Bluetooth and file sharing is possible via iTunes only.

But, no doubt, an iPhone lets us do many amazing things that android smartphones don’t. Switching from an android to an iPhone is a bit tricky but not a difficult thing.

For this, you need to move your data, pictures, videos, contacts and so many things from your android cellphone to an iPhone. You can achieve this yourself by following some simple steps mentioned below. 


  1. Install the latest version of Move to iOS app from Google play store on your android smartphone.
  2. Connect both devices with the same Wifi.

Steps to Transfer Your Data From Android to iPhone With Move to iOS App

  1. Switch on your iPhone and start setting up your iPhone with the help of on-screen instructions.switch from Android to iPhone

2. When you reach “Apps and Data”, Click “Move data from Android”.

Apps & Data

3. On your Android smartphone, launch the Move to iOS app.

switch from Android to iPhone

4.Click Continue on both smartphones.

move from android

5. Click Agree. Click Next on the Android smartphone.

6. On your Android smartphone, type the 12-digit code displayed on your iPhone. 

12 digit code

7. Once you enter the code, both the devices will connect with each other over the same wifi internet connection. Now, choose which data do you want to transfer from android to iPhone.

switch from Android to iPhone

8.When the process of data transfer has completed, click on “Continue Setting Up iPhone” and set up a new Apple ID or log in to your iCloud with the previous Apple ID if you have ever used iPhone. 

9. Enter the Google account password when prompted. 


The transfer process might take a few minutes. Try not to be rushed. Be patient until the procedure finishes.

With these simple steps, you can transfer your data from an Android smartphone to your new iPhone.

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